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25 June 2014

¸_¸_.•¨*•♫don't dreeeeaaaam it's oveeeer!`¨*`♪

im sooo happy i finished first semester already!!!
ive been looking forwards to holidays FOREVERRR

i spent 40 minutes or so last night just trying to remember this song by crowded house
whyyyyyyy ,,, im wondering how my brain even forgot about the hey-now-hey-now part

anyways 40 000 years ago i took selfies but didnt do anything with them

 EOS Ice Blue lenses !!!

why does one eye have to be bigger than the other -.0




i actually got to use ps this time
which makes me super happy cos editing on anything else just annoys me
its like the only program i kind of know how to use and make things turn out the way i want
and because im indecisive my photos never turn out the same :D
and i still hav that problem wer my face pisses me off but i love the look of the photo at the same time :/

but wtva!  I have some things to do tomoro :)
cake and icing in the morning and then movies etc etc



  1. You looks super cute.....i love the nerdy glasses too
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. Those are such cool-looking lenses! I think knowing how to use PS really pays off in the end, I usually use GIMP which is similar, and if I have problems there are thousands of tutorials online hehe! You look like a dollie!
    Emilia's Book


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