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27 July 2013

be the one to walk in the suuun

I recently got round sunnies from some random shoppe
and i also bleached my hair twice and toned it with some ash brown
im gonna make it lighter this weekend

On some day i started hanging out with new people
we started at a restaurant and...
this chicken bento was kind of awkward,
there was only one piece of chicken and lots of everything else !
 how many times have i been to the arcade this year ??
like 100+ ??? i dek anymore!!!

well we only went to the arcade to wait to watch the conjuring
honestly i laughed more than i felt any horror or terror.  
but it was a fun movie hahaha
ill never forget the wardrobe scene hs! that was too funny
 and then we went to go karaoke and i laughed even more when we passed this family on the bus
i was honestly holding it in really badly.  i didn't wanna be loud cos they looked really tired and maybe they had a bad day or something
the kid was like a plank, the dad had his legs out everywhere and the mum was sitting normal but with some zombie face! and everytime the bus turned it was really hard to hold myself cos she was swaying like a zombie!!!

and blurry blurr blurrrr here im going deaf


27 June 2013

as plain as jane can be -,-

 just a simple outfit for a walk.
i only take outfit photos when im doing casual stuff
because that's the only time im in no rush

actually on this day i was going for a simple walk, then decided to go buy fabric when i saw my bus
and it was kind of strange for me cos i had no accessories
i had to buy accessories straight away after i got off the bus

and i'm just being really really plain sometimes
it's kind of bothering me
or it's like im really over this simple black hair

and i really want to change my hair but im in love with black hair, brown, and blonde...
wth am i supposed to choose?
it's just bad because it takes me forever to chose even between two things

but i have a feeling ill be going for some kind of brown before uni starts again