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27 June 2013

as plain as jane can be -,-

 just a simple outfit for a walk.
i only take outfit photos when im doing casual stuff
because that's the only time im in no rush

actually on this day i was going for a simple walk, then decided to go buy fabric when i saw my bus
and it was kind of strange for me cos i had no accessories
i had to buy accessories straight away after i got off the bus

and i'm just being really really plain sometimes
it's kind of bothering me
or it's like im really over this simple black hair

and i really want to change my hair but im in love with black hair, brown, and blonde...
wth am i supposed to choose?
it's just bad because it takes me forever to chose even between two things

but i have a feeling ill be going for some kind of brown before uni starts again


  1. Maybe go with brown first? And along the way get your hair lighter. :P

  2. I like your outfit haha! Its cute and casual, great for a walk! I hope you can choose the hair colour that you want! By the way would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know :)



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